For the People I’ve Known Without Parents.

It seems so unfair that the world could be organized in such a way that someone could take you away from the place you came from. It’s more unfair that this could be seen as the best option.

I want to argue with that idea, but I don’t have the background to make a case more convincing than you could. Is anyone in favour of taking kids away from their parents unless they really have to? I’ll try anyway. It seems like the only fair thing to do.

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The Internet of Agape.

Art by Xuzhen Wu

I. The Obverse of Mook Manor.

It’s really easy to get down about the state of collective discourse on the internet. It’s easy to think that the only consequence of our increased inter-connection is an increased capacity to be ass-holes to each other.

That’s true. I’m pretty sure the internet has a polarizing effect on people, because it’s easy to be a shit-head to someone behind a screen. It’s easier to demonize someone you don’t have to meet after you dox them and ruin their lives.

At the same time, I’m not convinced that wasn’t always the state of human collective consciousness. That didn’t stop us from doing some other really beautiful things, like all of the art in history, for example.

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