Why We Actually Done Away With Witch-Doctors At All.

The other day I was in an introductory training session for my new job. We were going over the procedures for administering psychiatric meds. One of the questions we were asked was: ‘What’s the difference between a medicine and a drug?’

I thought this was quite an interesting discussion. I’m sure plenty has been written on it. I’m going to neglect to read any of it and write down some ideas I had that sound fun. I’m currently sticking to this weird plan I germinated that I’m going to one day understand Heidegger without suffering an aneurysm of effort in the process, and it’s quite time intensive. So it might be a while until I glect to read some of that literature.

The problem was that all we could ultimately whittle it down to was the issue of approval. Even the manager running the training just admitted it came down to the approval of an expert. She claimed that experts like Psychiatrists or Psychiatric Nurses know exactly how meds work in certain doses relative to certain body-weights and conditions and so on and so forth.

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