‘Life’s a Bitch’: Is It?

San Diego Historical Society/Getty, San Diego Historical Society

There is a folk-philosophical position that I oppose with every fiber of my being. From my perspective, this position is guilty of complete ingratitude, utter small-mindedness, lack of imagination, absence of perspective, and furthermore it indicates a complete lack of personal technique.

This position can be best summed up with the following phrase:“Life’s a Bitch, and Then You Die.” It might also be expressed by the phrase: “Karma’s a Bitch.” I think that people suffering from these nihilistic perspectives basically suffer from poor taste. That would be bad enough on its own, but they also seem insistent on inflicting their poor perspectives on everyone else.

Let’s not leave it at bad taste. I want at least a bit of rigor in this discussion. I don’t want to complain on just aesthetic or emotional grounds, though I think holding this position is definitely an aesthetic defect. It’s important to see how holding this mindset is a failure on multiple moral and intellectual levels.

I don’t want to give the impression that I’ve never maintained that Life’s a Bitch (henceforth the ‘LBH Hypothesis’). I have. I just think it’s a poor approach to life. This essay is as much an argument against parts of myself as it is an argument against anyone else. It’s likely more of an argument against my self than anyone else.

I sometimes feel like life is awful, or not worth living. I wish that I had someone to tell me the following things when I feel like life is awful. Hopefully, writing them like this will fix them in my being.

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