It’s Been A Year.

Gosh. It’s odd that this blog has been getting any sort of traffic at all, given that I’ve been neglecting it so hard. But then, what was I gonna talk about that would be worth reading with the pandemic in the background?

It all seemed a bit futile. Good news is there’ll probably be a vaccine soon, what with Pfizer making the claims they are.

In other news, I wrote the first draft of a novel and read a hundred books this year! That felt good.

I applied for a doctoral programme too. Fingers crossed it lands for me, hey?

I know this isn’t my standard sort of post. There isn’t any philosophy in it. I just wanted to post something to try and breathe some life into the blog again. Maybe it will stick?

It would be so silly to keep the blog online and pay to do it and never add anything new.

The post that’s getting me the most views at the moment is my post on Capitalist Realism. I’ve been wanting an excuse to re-read my top ten books of the year, too. I might pick some of the weirder or less covered ones and do a book review. My post on Mark Fisher must be worth something to some people, so maybe I can provide something beneficial another way too.

But then I never was great at committing to things like that.